Bread, Bread Rolls & Pastries: Calories

Primarily made of carbs, bread products are generally high in calories, especially when butter, fat and other sugary toppings are added. Whole grain variations will be more nutritious and higher in fiber. Check out our Bread, Bread Rolls and Pastries Chart below for more nutritional information.


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Bread varieties

Bread is one of the most prehistoric foods we’ve enjoyed for thousands of years, and has been a sustainable staple in our diets for quite some time. Not only does each country have its own type of bread, there are even regional differences as well. With the discovery of new ingredients, bread has evolved over the years to become the product we know today. With such a wide selection of bread and rolls to choose from, the question now is: where to start? Making sure to look for a higher fiber content on the nutrition label as well as looking for keywords such as “whole grain” or “whole wheat” will guarantee you’re choosing the healthiest versions of these bread options and, generally, the best calorie option.

Pastries and Desserts

These types of bread products generally contain more sugar, butter and fat, meaning they should be enjoyed in moderation and smaller portions. Viewing the nutritional information provided by many bakery chains, such as Panera Bread, either online or in-house is also helpful.

Bread has many benefits for our body and, for that reason, is part of the main food groups. Low-carb diets, medical reasons or personal preferences may also lead to excluding or limiting bread, but this is done on an individual basis. All in all, bread comes in both high and low-calorie options, so smart shopping as well as portion control and moderation are always key.

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