Cakes & Pies: Calories

Thanks to ingredients such as fats, sugar and flour, cakes and pies are often high in calories and provide little nutritional value for the body. Salty pies can also be high in salt and sodium. Portion control is key, especially when it comes to various toppings and add-ons. Check out our Cakes and Pies Chart below for more nutritional information.


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Variety of Cakes and Pies

Whether they’re the centerpiece of the table or a delicious treat after a main course, cakes and pies can be a great addition to any meal. With moderation and portion control, there is no reason these can’t be enjoyed from time to time in a healthy diet. There are even some substitutions or adjustments that can be made in the recipes to make them the healthiest versions they can be.

By adding some fruit and a non-fat or plant-based cream on the side, you can fill up your plate and lower the calories compared to heavier, cream-based products made from whole dairy. What are some types of cakes and pies that you plan to enjoy?

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