Cakes & Pies Calories

Cakes and pies often include high-calorie foods like wheat flour, butter, cream, and sugar, which can be viewed separately in the baking ingredients calorie chart. The nutritional value of baked goods tends to be low because the main ingredients provide mostly fats and simple carbohydrates, which can immediately cause rapid fluctuations in blood sugar level and over time lead to increased body weight. However, a portion of calories in pies and cakes can also be from healthy ingredients such as eggs, which contain proteins and nutrients. Many items commonly used when baking pastries like spices and vanilla extract are used in such a small amount that the calories are negligible, but other flavorful additions like tree nuts and dried fruit can boost both nutritional value and calorie density. Packaged cakes and pies, even those labeled โ€œlow-fat,โ€ can include high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners. Although products marketed as healthy replacements can lower the total calories per serving, these are typically no better (if not worse) than the original recipe. Therefore, itโ€™s recommended not to consume pastries on a regular basis and to check nutrition facts on pre-made cake mixes and pies to ensure they fit into your diet.

Angel Food Cake100g1 piece (28 g)1 oz. (28 g)258 cal1084 kJ
Apple Cake100g1 serving (100 g)1 oz. (28 g)252 cal1058 kJ
Apple Cobbler100g1 serving (100 g)1 oz. (28 g)198 cal832 kJ
Apple Crisp100g1 serving (100 g)1 oz. (28 g)156 cal655 kJ
Apple Crumble100g1 serving (100 g)1 oz. (28 g)156 cal655 kJ
Apple Pie100g1 slice (125 g)1 oz. (28 g)237 cal995 kJ
Apple Strudel100g1 piece (71 g)1 oz. (28 g)274 cal1151 kJ
Apple Turnover100g1 turnover (82 g)1 oz. (28 g)348 cal1462 kJ
Applesauce Cake100g1 piece (62 g)1 oz. (28 g)358 cal1504 kJ
Baked Alaska100g1 piece (103 g)1 oz. (28 g)247 cal1037 kJ
Bakewell Tart100g1 piece (59 g)1 oz. (28 g)430 cal1806 kJ
Banoffee Pie100g1 serving (100 g)1 oz. (28 g)395 cal1659 kJ
Birthday Cake100g1 piece (85 g)1 oz. (28 g)465 cal1953 kJ
Black and White Cookie100g1 cookie (113 g)1 oz. (28 g)381 cal1600 kJ
Black Forest Cake100g1 piece (107 g)1 oz. (28 g)264 cal1109 kJ
Blueberry Cobbler100g1 slice (100 g)1 oz. (28 g)234 cal983 kJ
Blueberry Muffin100g1 muffin (57 g)1 oz. (28 g)377 cal1583 kJ
Blueberry Pie100g1 piece (125 g)1 oz. (28 g)232 cal974 kJ
Bundt Cake100g1 slice (91 g)1 oz. (28 g)370 cal1554 kJ
Buttermilk Pie100g1 piece (144 g)1 oz. (28 g)380 cal1596 kJ
Caramel Cake100g1 slice (64 g)1 oz. (28 g)475 cal1995 kJ
Carrot Cake100g1 piece (133 g)1 oz. (28 g)408 cal1714 kJ
Cheesecake100g1 piece (80 g)1 oz. (28 g)321 cal1348 kJ
Cherry Pie100g1 piece (125 g)1 oz. (28 g)260 cal1092 kJ
Chess Pie100g1 piece (89 g)1 oz. (28 g)411 cal1726 kJ
Chocolate Cake100g1 piece (138 g)1 oz. (28 g)389 cal1634 kJ
Chocolate Cream Pie100g1 piece (99 g)1 oz. (28 g)304 cal1277 kJ
Chocolate Mousse Cake100g1 piece (95 g)1 oz. (28 g)260 cal1092 kJ
Chocolate Mousse Pie100g1 piece (95 g)1 oz. (28 g)260 cal1092 kJ
Chocolate Muffin100g1 muffin (100 g)1 oz. (28 g)420 cal1764 kJ
Coconut Cake100g1 piece (66 g)1 oz. (28 g)356 cal1495 kJ
Coffee Cake100g1 piece (90 g)1 oz. (28 g)331 cal1390 kJ
Cream Puff100g1 cream puff (130 g)1 oz. (28 g)334 cal1403 kJ
Crumb Cake100g1 piece (57 g)1 oz. (28 g)441 cal1852 kJ
Cupcake100g1 cupcake (43 g)1 oz. (28 g)305 cal1281 kJ
Danish Pastry100g1 pastry (71 g)1 oz. (28 g)374 cal1571 kJ
Donut100g1 donut (60 g)1 oz. (28 g)403 cal1693 kJ
Doughnut100g1 doughnut (60 g)1 oz. (28 g)403 cal1693 kJ
Flan100g1/2 cup (153 g)1 oz. (28 g)145 cal609 kJ
Flourless Chocolate Cake100g1 piece (80 g)1 oz. (28 g)509 cal2138 kJ
French Cruller100g1 cruller (41 g)1 oz. (28 g)412 cal1730 kJ
Fruit Cake100g1 piece (43 g)1 oz. (28 g)324 cal1361 kJ
Funnel Cake100g1 cake (90 g)1 oz. (28 g)307 cal1289 kJ
German Chocolate Cake100g1 piece (110 g)1 oz. (28 g)370 cal1554 kJ
Gingerbread100g1 piece (74 g)1 oz. (28 g)356 cal1495 kJ
Ice Cream Cake100g1 piece (120 g)1 oz. (28 g)200 cal840 kJ
Key Lime Pie100g1 piece (80 g)1 oz. (28 g)359 cal1508 kJ
King Cake100g1 piece (91 g)1 oz. (28 g)377 cal1583 kJ
Layer Cake100g1 slice (107 g)1 oz. (28 g)402 cal1688 kJ
Lemon Cake100g1 piece (66 g)1 oz. (28 g)352 cal1478 kJ
Lemon Meringue Pie100g1 piece (113 g)1 oz. (28 g)268 cal1126 kJ
Madeira Cake100g1 slice (50 g)1 oz. (28 g)394 cal1655 kJ
Marble Cake100g1 piece (109 g)1 oz. (28 g)339 cal1424 kJ
Meringue100g1 piece (127 g)1 oz. (28 g)285 cal1197 kJ
Opera Cake100g1 piece (25 g)1 oz. (28 g)320 cal1344 kJ
Paczki100g1 paczki (85 g)1 oz. (28 g)336 cal1411 kJ
Pancake100g1 pancake (38 g)1 oz. (28 g)227 cal953 kJ
Panettone100g1 slice (50 g)1 oz. (28 g)360 cal1512 kJ
Pavlova100g1 serving (65 g)1 oz. (28 g)294 cal1235 kJ
Peach Cobbler100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)65 cal273 kJ
Peach Pie100g1 piece (117 g)1 oz. (28 g)223 cal937 kJ
Pecan Pie100g1 slice (133 g)1 oz. (28 g)407 cal1709 kJ
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake100g1 piece (115 g)1 oz. (28 g)319 cal1340 kJ
Plum Cake100g1 piece (150 g)1 oz. (28 g)109 cal458 kJ
Poppy-Seed Cake100g1 piece (90 g)1 oz. (28 g)394 cal1655 kJ
Pound Cake100g1 serving (55 g)1 oz. (28 g)390 cal1638 kJ
Profiterole100g1 serving (113 g)1 oz. (28 g)334 cal1403 kJ
Puff Pastry100g1 sheet (245 g)1 oz. (28 g)558 cal2344 kJ
Pumpkin Bread100g1 slice (60 g)1 oz. (28 g)298 cal1252 kJ
Pumpkin Cheesecake100g1 piece (100 g)1 oz. (28 g)340 cal1428 kJ
Pumpkin Pie100g1 slice (133 g)1 oz. (28 g)243 cal1021 kJ
Raspberry Pie100g1 piece (137 g)1 oz. (28 g)240 cal1008 kJ
Red Velvet Cake100g1 piece (80 g)1 oz. (28 g)367 cal1541 kJ
Rhubarb Pie100g1 piece (137 g)1 oz. (28 g)245 cal1029 kJ
Rum Cake100g1 piece (57 g)1 oz. (28 g)351 cal1474 kJ
Sacher Torte100g1 piece (125 g)1 oz. (28 g)352 cal1478 kJ
Sponge Cake100g1 piece (38 g)1 oz. (28 g)289 cal1214 kJ
Strawberry Cheesecake100g1 slice (61 g)1 oz. (28 g)327 cal1373 kJ
Strawberry Pie100g1 piece (167 g)1 oz. (28 g)230 cal966 kJ
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie100g1 piece (150 g)1 oz. (28 g)281 cal1180 kJ
Sweet Potato Pie100g1 piece (131 g)1 oz. (28 g)260 cal1092 kJ
Swiss Roll100g1 cake (31 g)1 oz. (28 g)439 cal1844 kJ
Tarte Tatin100g1 piece (100 g)1 oz. (28 g)210 cal882 kJ
Tiramisu100g1 serving (174 g)1 oz. (28 g)283 cal1189 kJ
Tiramisu Cake100g1 piece (108 g)1 oz. (28 g)291 cal1222 kJ
Treacle Tart100g1 serving (100 g)1 oz. (28 g)369 cal1550 kJ
Tres Leches Cake100g1 piece (120 g)1 oz. (28 g)246 cal1033 kJ
Trifle100g1 serving (100 g)1 oz. (28 g)180 cal756 kJ
Victoria Sponge Cake100g1 piece (28 g)1 oz. (28 g)257 cal1079 kJ
Waffles100g1 waffle (33 g)1 oz. (28 g)312 cal1310 kJ
Wedding Cake100g1 piece (109 g)1 oz. (28 g)381 cal1600 kJ