Ham & Sausage: Calories

Primarily made up of protein and fat, ham and sausage products can often be highly processed and contain mainly saturated fats. Since salt and spices are sometimes added, they can also be high in sodium. Check out our Ham and Sausage Chart below for more nutritional information.


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Ham and Sausage Types

Sausages are so popular they even have their own month. October is “national sausage month,” where it’s all about this meat! A versatile food that can be enjoyed for any meal or even as a snack, it is thought to originate back to the Greecian times when scraps of meat were bound together into a single food to preserve and contain them. It has since then evolved into the many different products we know today.

If you want to add sausage to your diet, there are some things to consider, including the cooking method. Boiling, grilling, baking or broiling tnd to be the method that yields the lowest-calorie outcome when preparing sausages. Methods such as frying will increase the calorie content due to the use of oils. If you’re concerned with the amount of fat or calories, opting for leaner meat versions, such as chicken or turkey sausage can be a good alternative. These will have lower saturated fats than options such as beef or pork.

Leaner meat options, such as ham, will generally have fewer calories than other processed meats like bacon, salami, pastrami, roast beef and even sausage. Either way, keeping your portions in mind is essential.

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