Meat: Calories

Primarily made up of protein and fat, meat is a great source of essential amino acids, vitamin B12 and iron. The calorie content of meat is highly dependent on the cut and resulting fat-to-protein ratio. The preparation method, sauces and seasoning can also affect the calorie count. Check out our Meat Chart below for more nutritional information.


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Meat Nutritional Benefits and Choosing the Healthiest with Fat Intake

Chicken, turkey, beef, pork and lamb as well as game meats, such as quail, wild boar and venison, are some of the most commonly consumed meats. When it comes to overall nutritional benefits, the type of meat, the cut and how lean it is will all contribute to how healthy it essentially is. Opting for a very lean cut, such as 95% lean, as well as removing the skin and extra fat from meat can all help reduce the number of calories it contains. Preparation method can also play a role. For example, frying the same cut of meat in oil will yield a higher calorie count compared to baking, broiling or grilling it.

Combining a small portion of meat with a side of vegetables, a small amount of healthy fats, and a whole grain can be a great way to create a balanced meal. How about a lean cut of lamb with some vegetables, whole grain rice, avocado and a low-sodium soy sauce? Some other options could be to top a Caesar salad grilled seasoned steak or enjoy a cut of beef alongside some sweet potatoes, green beans and an olive oil dressing.

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