Herbs, Spices & Tea: Calories

The items in this category can offer various health benefits and, since their portion sizes are usually quite small, are also considered low-calorie options. Keep an eye on the nutrition label as some products and mixes may contain added sugars as well as high levels of salt and sodium. Check out our Herbs, Spices and Tea Chart below for more nutritional information.


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Tea Flavors and Different Herbs & Spices

From a morning brew to a relaxing afternoon drink, tea comes in many diverse flavors and fusions. It also boasts plenty of benefits for our body and is a great low-cal beverage to enjoy any time of the year. Each part of the world has its own take on a classic tea, from the typical British cuppa with a splash of milk and spoonful of sugar, to the Taiwanese boba or bubble tea. While the herbs used for popular teas contain few calories, it’s usually the added sugars and syrups you should look out for.

As far as herbs and spices go, you can usually expect a ton of flavor with few calories added. They’re also a great way to add flavor while reducing the salt content of your meals at the same time. Herbs are the leafy green parts of the plant, while spices are made from parts such as the seed, stem and root. Both are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, and can contain antibacterial properties. Popular herbs such as parsley, oregano and rosemary can add depth to dishes and contain just a few calories per teaspoon. Dried thyme is a popular choice when it comes to holiday dishes. Chamomile is also a popular herb known for its use in brewing tea. A few popular spices, such as garlic powder, ground cinnamon and cumin, are all great for adding flavor and depth to your meals. What’s your go-to spice or herb when cooking?

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