Salad: Calories

Packed with nutrients, salads are a great high-volume, low-calorie option. While leafy green lettuces are rich in vitamin A and C, darker leaves contain more antioxidants. Be mindful with toppings and dressings. The calorie content and nutritional value can change drastically depending on what you choose. Check out our Salad Chart below for more nutritional information.


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Different Types and Healthy Salad Choosing Strategies

When we talk about salads, the sky’s the limit. With something as simple as a fresh crunchy bed of lettuce with vegetables, the styles, ingredients and even regional takes on salads are endless. If you’re looking for a healthy, low-calorie or low-carb dish, the salad is never a bad choice. Just be careful when it comes to the toppings and dressings you go for. This is where the calories can add up.

To avoid a big increase in calories, opt for oil or vinegar-based dressings instead of higher-calorie dressings, such as ranch or buttermilk. Loading up your salad with vegetables and lean protein, such as grilled chicken, tofu or salmon, will also help to keep the calories in check. Another fun idea is to add a healthy spin to your favorite comfort foods by turning them into salad. Who’s up for a taco or burger salad?

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