Rice & Rice Products: Calories

Rice is high in starch and contains almost no fat. It’s also a great source of iron and will keep you feeling full. Opt for whole grain variations, as these contain more fiber, are less processed and are generally healthier overall. Check out our Rice and Rice Products Calorie Chart below for more nutritional information.


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Rice Varieties, Calorie Content and Meal Ideas

The versatility of this wonder grain is nothing short of amazing. A few popular grain types include jasmine rice, parboiled rice, sticky rice, arborio, basmati and black rice. Rice also comes in three main grain lengths—short, medium and long grain—and can all serve different purposes and work well in a wide range of recipes.

There is also an endless variety of preparation methods and ways rice can be used in other foods. It’s easily sourced for products such as milk, flour, desserts and even bread. The name is even lent to other low-cal options like cauliflower rice. Okay, we know that’s not actually rice, but it’s a great alternative! Let’s take a look at some rice products and their calorie contents.

Rice, especially whole grain varieties, can be very satiating and nutritious, making it a great base for plenty of creative meal ideas. Pilaf, for example, pairs well with a lean protein, such as salmon, and will keep the calorie count low. Brown rice salad with some vegetables can make for a filling, nutritious meal. Adding some wild rice to a low-calorie soup is also an easy way to incorporate some healthy carbs. And let’s not forget dessert. A healthy rice pudding with some fruit on the side will definitely hit the spot! What are some ways you plan to enjoy rice in your meals this week?

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