Supplements & Protein Powder: Calories

As the name suggests, protein powders and shakes are manufactured products mostly made up of protein, but can also contain carbs. They are derived from various sources, such as milk (whey and casein), peas or hemp. Dietary supplements come in different forms and are concentrated products meant to address specific health and fitness goals. Check out our Supplements and Protein Powder Chart below for more nutritional information.


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A Scoop of Calories and Healthy Recommendations

Protein powder is an easy and effective way to add a boost of protein to your daily diet. With a range of sources, such as hemp, peas, brown rice, casein and whey, there are countless ways to incorporate protein powder into your meal rotations. How about adding it to a smoothie, mixing it into your pancake and waffle batter, or folding it into your cookie dough? The calorie content of protein powders can vary depending on brands and flavors, but there are plenty of low-calorie options you can add to your daily diet.

A scoop of protein powder can be a great way to start the day. A smoothie packed with fruit and some protein powder means you’ll not only start your morning with an extra boost of protein, you’ll have a morning filled with essential vitamins and minerals, too. Strawberry banana smoothie, anyone?

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