Cereal: Calories

Primarily made of carbs, the nutritional values of cereals vary depending on their level of processing. Highly processed cereals are generally high in fat and sugars, while non-processed, whole grain varieties are richer in fiber and protein. Check out our Cereal Chart below for more nutritional information.


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An Overview of Cereals

A cereal is any grass cultivated to produce grain. A broad range is used today in everyday meals, including some popular choices such as oatmeal, muesli and granola. Other popular grains include corn, wheat, rice and barley. The popular use of the term today, often referring to breakfast cereals, incorporates processed, roasted grains. But breakfast cereal isn’t the only way these grains are enjoyed. They’re often used for baking as well. Let’s take oats, for example. With a variety of options, such as steel-cut, Scottish oats, rolled oats and instant oats, this wonder grain can be turned into plenty of different snack and meal options. Some favorite options include overnight oats, Rice Krispie treats and oatmeal cookies.

The nutritional value and calorie content of various cereal products are all dependent on the type of grain, how their processed and what other ingredients they’re combined with, such as sugar or milk.

Some cereals are heavily processed and contain a high amount of added sugar. Be choosy when it comes to the cereals you enjoy. Pay attention to the nutrition label and be mindful of your portions. A smaller bowl or a plant-based milk are just a few of the easy changes you can make.

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