Desserts & Pudding: Calories

Desserts and pudding are often high in sugar and fat, meaning they are high in calories and offer the body very little nutritional value. Be sure to enjoy them mindfully and in small portions. Check out our Desserts and Pudding Chart below for more nutritional information.


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Importance of Portion Control

Desserts and puddings have been around for centuries, with each country providing its own variations of the two. While they don’t tend to bring too many benefits to the body in terms of value and nutrition, with moderation and portion control, there is no reason they can’t be enjoyed from time to time in a healthy diet. Plus, there are even some substitutions or adjustments that can be made in recipes to make them healthier.

Healthier Dessert Ideas

When it comes to healthier desserts options, there are plenty of options that are low calorie or even under 100 Calories and can be enjoyed in a calorie-conscious plan.

When it comes to products advertised as "under 100 calories," be sure to check the nutrition label and ingredients. Some manufacturers will cut out fat and sugar in the product and replace it with artificial ingredients to replicate the taste. What are some ways you’ll be sweetening up your meal plan today?

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