Poultry, Chicken & Turkey: Calories

Primarily made up of protein and fat, the calorie content of poultry is highly dependent on the cut of the meat. Lean cuts, such as the breast, generally have the best fat-to-muscle ratio, making them low-calorie and high-protein choices. The protein in poultry is also very digestible. Check out our Poultry, Chicken and Turkey Chart below for more nutritional information.


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Poultry Types and Healthy Cooking Methods

Poultry is a common staple around the world and is an especially popular choice for holiday meals. Nutritionally, poultry and fowl are some of the leanest protein options available and can be a beneficial part of the diet. They also contain fewer calories compared to beef and other red meats. This is due to how the animals store fat deposits in their bodies. As with any meat, the healthiest way to eat it is skinless.

When it comes to preparation methods, poaching takes the top spot for the healthiest option. This eliminates the need for any fats or oils and, since you can poach over low heat, the meat won’t lose a lot of nutrients. Grilling can also be a great option, as it also requires very little oil. Using a non-stick pan can be helpful, as these often eliminate the need for oil altogether. It’s best to avoid methods such as frying or breading meat, as is the case with chicken nuggets or chicken tenders. These options are very fatty. Finally, opt for non-processed meats instead of lunch meats. These often contain more salt, sodium and preservatives.

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