Nuts & Seeds Calories

Nuts and seeds contain a high amount of calories considering they are such small foods and are consumed in small portions. Most ingredients in this category are primarily composed of fats, along with varying degrees of protein and carbohydrates. Tree nuts like almonds and edible seeds like from the chia plant are among the best whole food sources of omega-3 fats. These fatty acids, along with omega-6, are listed on nutrition facts as polyunsaturated fats. When your diet includes a good balance of these two omega fats, it helps regulate blood cholesterol levels and may even lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The calorie chart also contains legumes like peanuts, peas, and soy beans, which are the seeds or fruit of plants in the legume family; these are good sources of plant protein. Except in cases of tree nut/peanut allergies and other rare health concerns, seeds and nuts are recommended for all diets due to high nutritional value. Nuts and seeds are highly versatile ingredients that can be used whole or ground. Add a spoonful of seeds or handful nuts to salads, sauces, breads, garnishes, smoothies, and desserts, but be careful not to overindulge and add too many calories.

Acorn100g1 oz. (28.35 g)1 oz. (28 g)387 cal1625 kJ
Alfalfa Sprouts100g1 cup (33 g)1 oz. (28 g)23 cal97 kJ
Almonds100g1 cup (95 g)1 oz. (28 g)575 cal2415 kJ
Beechnut100g1 oz. (28.35 g)1 oz. (28 g)576 cal2419 kJ
Brazil Nuts100g1 cup (133 g)1 oz. (28 g)656 cal2755 kJ
Breadfruit100g1 oz. (28.35 g)1 oz. (28 g)191 cal802 kJ
Butternut100g1 cup (120 g)1 oz. (28 g)612 cal2570 kJ
Cashew100g1 oz. (28.35 g)1 oz. (28 g)553 cal2323 kJ
Chestnut100g1 cup (145 g)1 oz. (28 g)213 cal895 kJ
Chia Seeds100g1 oz. (28.35 g)1 oz. (28 g)486 cal2041 kJ
Coconut100g1 coconut (397 g)1 oz. (28 g)354 cal1487 kJ
Cotton Seeds100g1 cup (149 g)1 oz. (28 g)506 cal2125 kJ
Flaxseed100g1 cup (168 g)1 oz. (28 g)534 cal2243 kJ
Ginkgo Nuts100g1 oz. (28.35 g)1 oz. (28 g)182 cal764 kJ
Goa Bean100g1 cup (182 g)1 oz. (28 g)409 cal1718 kJ
Hazelnut100g1 cup (75 g)1 oz. (28 g)628 cal2638 kJ
Hickory Nuts100g1 cup (120 g)1 oz. (28 g)657 cal2759 kJ
Lima Beans100g1/2 cup (124 g)1 oz. (28 g)71 cal298 kJ
Lotus Seed100g1 oz. (28.35 g)1 oz. (28 g)89 cal374 kJ
Macadamia Nuts100g1 cup (134 g)1 oz. (28 g)718 cal3016 kJ
Peanuts100g1 cup (146 g)1 oz. (28 g)567 cal2381 kJ
Peas100g1 cup (145 g)1 oz. (28 g)81 cal340 kJ
Pecan Nuts100g1 cup (99 g)1 oz. (28 g)691 cal2902 kJ
Pecans100g1 cup (99 g)1 oz. (28 g)691 cal2902 kJ
Pili Nuts100g1 cup (120 g)1 oz. (28 g)719 cal3020 kJ
Pine Nuts100g1 cup (135 g)1 oz. (28 g)673 cal2827 kJ
Pinto Beans100g1 cup (193 g)1 oz. (28 g)347 cal1457 kJ
Pistachios100g1 cup (123 g)1 oz. (28 g)562 cal2360 kJ
Poppy Seeds100g1 tbsp (8.8 g)1 oz. (28 g)525 cal2205 kJ
Pumpkin Seeds100g1 cup (129 g)1 oz. (28 g)559 cal2348 kJ
Radish Seeds100g1 cup (38 g)1 oz. (28 g)43 cal181 kJ
Safflower Seeds100g1 oz. (28.35 g)1 oz. (28 g)517 cal2171 kJ
Sesame Seeds100g1 cup (144 g)1 oz. (28 g)573 cal2407 kJ
Smoked Almonds100g1 cup (95 g)1 oz. (28 g)575 cal2415 kJ
Soy Beans100g1 cup (256 g)1 oz. (28 g)147 cal617 kJ
Sunflower Seeds100g1 cup (140 g)1 oz. (28 g)584 cal2453 kJ
Sweet Chestnut100g1 oz. (28.35 g)1 oz. (28 g)194 cal815 kJ
Walnuts100g1 cup (80 g)1 oz. (28 g)654 cal2747 kJ
Watermelon100g1 wedge (286 g)1 oz. (28 g)30 cal126 kJ