Milk & Dairy Products Calories

Milk is a nutritious liquid that can be harvested from many animals, but the most commonly consumed milk is from cows. Therefore, unless otherwise noted, the dairy products in this calorie chart are made with cow milk. Dairy contains a good balance of fat, carbohydrates, and protein, and it’s also a valuable source of calcium, riboflavin, and vitamin B12. Whole milk has equal amounts of fat and protein, but other milk varieties like skim have some or all fat removed, reducing calories as well. On the other hand, dairy products like heavy cream and buttermilk have higher amounts of fat. The main component of milk is lactose, a natural sugar that many people’s digestive systems are sensitive to. Vegan plant-based milks, including almond milk and coconut milk, are good substitutes, although they have different nutritional value from animal milk. Check the nutrition label on the carton or can for specific information regarding fats, protein, and carbohydrates in dairy alternatives.

Almond Milk100ml1 cup (235 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)17 cal71 kJ
Buttermilk100ml1 cup (254 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)62 cal260 kJ
Chocolate Mousse100g1/2 cup (202 g)1 oz. (28 g)225 cal945 kJ
Coconut Milk100ml1 cup (240 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)230 cal966 kJ
Coffee Creamer100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)195 cal819 kJ
Condensed Milk100g1 cup (306 g)1 oz. (28 g)321 cal1348 kJ
Cottage Cheese100g1 cup (210 g)1 oz. (28 g)98 cal412 kJ
Cream100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)242 cal1016 kJ
Creme Fraiche100g1 tbsp (14 g)1 oz. (28 g)393 cal1651 kJ
Curd100g1 cup (210 g)1 oz. (28 g)98 cal412 kJ
Custard100g1/2 cup (141 g)1 oz. (28 g)122 cal512 kJ
Evaporated Milk100g1 cup (252 g)1 oz. (28 g)135 cal567 kJ
Goat Milk100g1 cup (244 g)1 oz. (28 g)69 cal290 kJ
Hot Chocolate100ml1 cup (266 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)89 cal374 kJ
Kefir100ml1 cup (246 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)55 cal231 kJ
Lactose-free Milk100ml1 cup (250 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)52 cal218 kJ
Lassi100ml1 glass (200 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)75 cal315 kJ
Milk100ml1 cup (244 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)61 cal256 kJ
Plain Yogurt100g1 container (227 g)1 oz. (28 g)61 cal256 kJ
Powdered Milk100g1 cup (68 g)1 oz. (28 g)496 cal2083 kJ
Quark100g1 cup (220 g)1 oz. (28 g)145 cal609 kJ
Rice Milk100ml1 cup (245 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)49 cal206 kJ
Rice Pudding100g1 serving (113 g)1 oz. (28 g)118 cal496 kJ
Semi-skimmed Milk100ml1 serving (250 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)50 cal210 kJ
Semolina Pudding100g1 serving (143 g)1 oz. (28 g)67 cal281 kJ
Skim Milk100ml1 cup (247 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)35 cal147 kJ
Sour Cream100g1 tbsp (12 g)1 oz. (28 g)181 cal760 kJ
Soy Milk100ml1 cup (243 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)45 cal189 kJ
Sweetened Condensed Milk100ml1 cup (306 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)321 cal1348 kJ
Tzatziki100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)117 cal491 kJ
Whipped Cream100g1 tbsp (3 g)1 oz. (28 g)257 cal1079 kJ
Whole Milk100ml1 cup (244 ml)1 fl. oz. (30 ml)61 cal256 kJ
Yogurt100g1 container (227 g)1 oz. (28 g)61 cal256 kJ