Sweets: Chocolate, Cookies, Candy: Calories

The majority of sweets are calorie dense, packed with sugar and highly processed. Be sure to enjoy them mindfully and in small portions. Check out our Sweets Calorie Chart below for more nutritional information.


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Healthy Moderation of Sweets

It’s not often you’ll hear the words healthy and candy used in the same sentence. As far as nutritional value, sweets are mainly made up of sugars and fats, meaning they do little to benefit the body. With that said, however, wherever you look, sweets are around every corner. Chocolate Easter eggs, Halloween candy, Christmas cookies—no matter the occasion, these added sugars are inevitable. So, what can you do to enjoy these moments and still give your health the attention it deserves? It’s all about moderation.

Being mindful of the amount of sweets you're eating throughout the day and limiting your intake are great ways to occasionally enjoy them without worrying about making a big dent in your diet with sugar, empty carbs and calories. When it comes to sweets, it’s all about making small, sustainable changes. Setting yourself a specific limit and placing that amount in a separate bag is a great way to prevent yourself from overindulging. Aiming for natural products, such as those made with natural fruit juices, can also help reduce calories and increase nutrients. If you’re a chocolate fan, a simple switch from milk or white chocolate to dark chocolate can also make a difference, as dark chocolate contains far less sugar. Natural, less-processed chocolates will also have a nicer, stronger chocolate flavor, meaning you’ll be satisfied after eating less of it. If you’re a self-proclaimed cookie monster, aim for cookies and biscuits that have fewer sugars and are made using whole grain products. Most importantly, don’t forget that it’s okay to treat yourself sometimes. If you are generally eating a balanced, healthy diet, a small amount of candy or sweets every once in a while most certainly won’t do harm. Just remember, taking the time to enjoy these foods in a mindful way will help you appreciate your food more and will even have you feeling full and satisfied much quicker.

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