Tofu & Vegan Products: Calories

There are countless vegan products on the market today that can provide sources of protein, fat and carbs. As with all foods, be sure to opt for less processed varieties and beware of added sugars. Tofu, for example, is an excellent vegan protein source containing all essential amino acids your body needs. Check out our Tofu and Vegan Products Chart below for more nutritional information.


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Variety of Tofu Products and Healthy Meal Ideas

Tofu is sourced from soybeans and milk that is pressed into a block. It’s a common alternative protein source to meat in many dishes. Compared to chicken or beef, for example, tofu is lower in calories and takes up a smaller part of the daily budget. It’s a healthy option that is very versatile and has become a very popular substitute ingredient, especially for vegans. From ice cream to yogurt, in smoothies, stir-fries, and even in desserts, tofu brings a whole different level with its uses.

As a generally healthy option, tofu can readily be added to your meal rotation and enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. If you avoid frying and coating it in batter, you can also keep the calories relatively low. Some healthy meal ideas include using it as a meat replacement in a burger, using it as a focal point in a curry, featuring it in a soup, or even scrambling it for a breakfast kick-off to the day.

While tofu is one of the most common vegan products used, there are plenty of other items that can be incorporated into a vegan diet. Other soy products, tempeh, meat alternatives (sometimes referred to as fake meat), seitan and vegan milk alternatives can all be great ways to add protein and other nutrients to your diet. If you’re purchasing vegan products, just remember that a vegan label does not always mean healthy. As with any other ready-made products, these can also be high in sugars, contain additives and emulsifiers. Be sure to examine the nutrition labels for these products.

The ways to get creative with tofu and vegan products are endless. What are some ideas you have in mind for your meals this week?

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