Fruits Calories

All fruits are mostly made of carbohydrates, although calories in fruit can also come from fats and small amounts of protein. The carbs, however, are not all the same and are usually a mix of complex carbohydrates (i.e., made of three or more bonded sugars) and simple carbohydrates (i.e., simple sugars). This means the amount of glucose and fructose – natural fruit sugars – varies depending on the type of fruit; for example, bananas and figs are high in sugar and taste very sweet, whereas lemons and cranberries are known for a tart flavor due to low sugar content. Regardless of this difference, most fruits are considered to be low-calorie foods. Fruits are all said to have good nutritional value since they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals per serving, and varieties like avocados and coconuts contain healthy fats. It’s important to recognize that the high-fat fruits have greater calorie density since a gram of fat has over double the calories of a gram of protein or carbohydrate. Fresh fruits are not sold with nutrition facts. Whether the goal is to limit carb intake, count calories, or simply try to eat more whole food, the calorie chart will pinpoint which fruits best fit into your healthy eating plan.

Acai100g1 oz. (28.35 g)1 oz. (28 g)70 cal294 kJ
Apple100g1 apple (182 g)1 oz. (28 g)52 cal218 kJ
Applesauce100g1 cup (246 g)1 oz. (28 g)68 cal286 kJ
Apricot100g1 apricot (35 g)1 oz. (28 g)48 cal202 kJ
Avocado100g1 avocado (200 g)1 oz. (28 g)160 cal672 kJ
Banana100g1 banana (125 g)1 oz. (28 g)89 cal374 kJ
Blackberries100g1 cup (144 g)1 oz. (28 g)43 cal181 kJ
Blood Oranges100g1 serving (140 g)1 oz. (28 g)50 cal210 kJ
Blueberries100g1 cup (148 g)1 oz. (28 g)57 cal239 kJ
Cantaloupe100g1 wedge (69 g)1 oz. (28 g)34 cal143 kJ
Cherries100g1 cherry (8 g)1 oz. (28 g)50 cal210 kJ
Clementine100g1 clementine (74 g)1 oz. (28 g)47 cal197 kJ
Cranberries100g1 cup (100 g)1 oz. (28 g)46 cal193 kJ
Currants100g1 cup (112 g)1 oz. (28 g)56 cal235 kJ
Custard Apple100g1 custard apple (135 g)1 oz. (28 g)101 cal424 kJ
Dates100g1 date (7.1 g)1 oz. (28 g)282 cal1184 kJ
Figs100g1 fig (50 g)1 oz. (28 g)74 cal311 kJ
Fruit salad100g1 cup (249 g)1 oz. (28 g)50 cal210 kJ
Grapes100g1 cup (151 g)1 oz. (28 g)69 cal290 kJ
Greengage100g1 fruit (5 g)1 oz. (28 g)41 cal172 kJ
Guava100g1 guava (55 g)1 oz. (28 g)68 cal286 kJ
Jackfruit100g1 cup (151 g)1 oz. (28 g)95 cal399 kJ
Jujube100g1 oz. (28.35 g)1 oz. (28 g)79 cal332 kJ
Kiwi100g1 liwi (183 g)1 oz. (28 g)61 cal256 kJ
Lemon100g1 lemon (58 g)1 oz. (28 g)29 cal122 kJ
Lime100g1 lime (67 g)1 oz. (28 g)30 cal126 kJ
Lychees100g1 lychee (10 g)1 oz. (28 g)66 cal277 kJ
Mandarin Oranges100g1 mandarin orange (88 g)1 oz. (28 g)53 cal223 kJ
Mango100g1 mango (336 g)1 oz. (28 g)60 cal252 kJ
Minneola100g1 minneola (109 g)1 oz. (28 g)64 cal269 kJ
Mulberries100g1 cup (140 g)1 oz. (28 g)43 cal181 kJ
Nectarine100g1 nectarine (150 g)1 oz. (28 g)44 cal185 kJ
Olives100g1 olive (2.7 g)1 oz. (28 g)115 cal483 kJ
Orange100g1 orange (131 g)1 oz. (28 g)47 cal197 kJ
Papaya100g1 fruit (500 g)1 oz. (28 g)43 cal181 kJ
Passion Fruit100g1 passoin fruit (18 g)1 oz. (28 g)97 cal407 kJ
Peach100g1 peach (150 g)1 oz. (28 g)39 cal164 kJ
Pear100g1 pear (178 g)1 oz. (28 g)57 cal239 kJ
Persimmon100g1 fruit (25 g)1 oz. (28 g)127 cal533 kJ
Physalis100g1 berry (5 g)1 oz. (28 g)49 cal206 kJ
Pineapple100g1 pineapple (905 g)1 oz. (28 g)50 cal210 kJ
Plantains100g1 plantain (179 g)1 oz. (28 g)122 cal512 kJ
Plum100g1 plum (66 g)1 oz. (28 g)46 cal193 kJ
Pomegranate100g1 pomegranate (282 g)1 oz. (28 g)83 cal349 kJ
Quince100g1 quince (92 g)1 oz. (28 g)57 cal239 kJ
Raisins100g1 cup (145 g)1 oz. (28 g)299 cal1256 kJ
Rambutan100g1 rambutan (9 g)1 oz. (28 g)82 cal344 kJ
Raspberries100g1 cup (123 g)1 oz. (28 g)52 cal218 kJ
Rhubarb100g1 stalk (51 g)1 oz. (28 g)21 cal88 kJ
Starfruit100g1 star fruit (91 g)1 oz. (28 g)31 cal130 kJ
Strawberries100g1 cup (152 g)1 oz. (28 g)32 cal134 kJ
Tamarind100g1 tamarind (2 g)1 oz. (28 g)239 cal1004 kJ
Tangerine100g1 tangerine (88 g)1 oz. (28 g)53 cal223 kJ
Watermelon100g1 wedge (286 g)1 oz. (28 g)30 cal126 kJ