Sauces & Dressings Calories

This calorie chart contains food items that, although never meant to be eaten alone, can add significant calories to a dish. It is therefore important to not just consider the nutritional value of the main part of the meal, for example noodles or chicken breast, but to also add the calories from sauces and dressings as well. Because the name of this food group describes a part of the dish rather than the shared ingredients, the nutrition facts of sauces and dressings can vary widely. Some have hardly any calories but add significant taste, such as tabasco sauce, whereas other sauces and dressings have greater calorie density, such as full-fat sour cream. Even though many salad dressings and marinades are low-calorie and have small serving sizes, they can contain a lot of added fat and sugar. Condiments can be sweetened with high fructose corn syrup; one example of this is ketchup. Review the nutrition label and ingredients for more information. To limit added calories in an otherwise nutritious meal, it’s best to use salad dressings sparingly, particularly if the base is olive oil.

Calorie App
1000 Island Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)370 cal1554 kJ
Ajvar100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)18 cal76 kJ
Arrabiata Sauce100g1 pot (350 g)1 oz. (28 g)36 cal151 kJ
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing100g1 tbsp (16 g)1 oz. (28 g)290 cal1218 kJ
Barbecue Sauce100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)150 cal630 kJ
Bechamel Sauce100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)225 cal945 kJ
Bernaise Sauce100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)414 cal1739 kJ
Blue Cheese Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)533 cal2239 kJ
Bolognese100g1 cup (226 g)1 oz. (28 g)106 cal445 kJ
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)533 cal2239 kJ
Caesar Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)429 cal1802 kJ
Catalina Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)282 cal1184 kJ
Chasseur Sauce100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)45 cal189 kJ
Chili Sauce100g1 tbsp (18 g)1 oz. (28 g)112 cal470 kJ
Cream Sauce100g1 cup (244 g)1 oz. (28 g)180 cal756 kJ
Curry Ketchup100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)124 cal521 kJ
Curry Sauce100g1 tbsp (17 g)1 oz. (28 g)26 cal109 kJ
French Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)60 cal252 kJ
Gravy100g1 cup (233 g)1 oz. (28 g)53 cal223 kJ
Greek Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)467 cal1961 kJ
Hamburger Sauce100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)383 cal1609 kJ
Harissa100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)52 cal218 kJ
Hollandaise Sauce100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)535 cal2247 kJ
Honey Mustard Dressing100g1 tbsp (16 g)1 oz. (28 g)464 cal1949 kJ
Horseradish100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)48 cal202 kJ
Italian Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)293 cal1231 kJ
Ketchup100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)100 cal420 kJ
Mayonnaise100g1 tbsp (13 g)1 oz. (28 g)692 cal2906 kJ
Mustard100g1 tsp (5 g)1 oz. (28 g)60 cal252 kJ
Mustard Sauce100g1 tbsp (13 g)1 oz. (28 g)645 cal2709 kJ
Orange Sauce100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)179 cal752 kJ
Pesto100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)458 cal1924 kJ
Ranch Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)510 cal2142 kJ
Remoulade Sauce100g1 tbsp (13 g)1 oz. (28 g)635 cal2667 kJ
Russian Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)400 cal1680 kJ
Salad Dressing100g1 tbsp (16 g)1 oz. (28 g)449 cal1886 kJ
Sambal Oelek100g1 tsp (5 g)1 oz. (28 g)21 cal88 kJ
Sesame Ginger Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)464 cal1949 kJ
Sesame Paste100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)595 cal2499 kJ
Sour Cream100g1 tbsp (12 g)1 oz. (28 g)217 cal911 kJ
Sour Cream Sauce100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)60 cal252 kJ
Soy Sauce100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)67 cal281 kJ
Sweet and Sour Sauce100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)179 cal752 kJ
Tabasco100g1 tsp (5 g)1 oz. (28 g)70 cal294 kJ
Teriyaki Sauce100g1 tbsp (18 g)1 oz. (28 g)89 cal374 kJ
Thai Curry Paste100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)155 cal651 kJ
Tomato Paste100g1 tbsp (17 g)1 oz. (28 g)82 cal344 kJ
Tomato Puree100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)38 cal160 kJ
Tomato Sauce100g1 cup (245 g)1 oz. (28 g)24 cal101 kJ
Tzatziki100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)94 cal395 kJ
Vinaigrette100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)120 cal504 kJ
Worcestershire Sauce100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)78 cal328 kJ
Yogurt Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)45 cal189 kJ
Zesty Italian Dressing100g1 tbsp (15 g)1 oz. (28 g)267 cal1121 kJ
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